Digital System for ERG and Visual EP Study

Main Features:

Electroretinography (ERG):

  • registration of rod and maximal ERG in dark-adapted eye

  • registration of cone ERG in light-adaptated eye by using white, red, green and blue penlight stimulators

  • local ERG registration by using spot LED stimulators (penlights) with concentrators for diagnostics of central disorders

  • rhythmical ERG registration with arbitrarily set stimulation frequency

  • pattern-ERG registration for the ganglionary cell state assessment

  • on/off ERG registration for study of retina structure response on long stimulus

  • oscillatory potentials registration in light- and dark-adaptated eye

Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP):

  • registration of flash and pattern (checkerboard, vertical/horizontal bars or arbitrarily generated image) visual evoked potentials and “onset”/“offset” stimulation

  • registration of rhythmical (steady-state) visual evoked potentials with arbitrary set stimulation frequency


  • registration of pre-adaptation, dark phase and light response


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