BPLab Standard can be used as a regular 24 hour blood pressure monitor and multifunctional complex for estimation of arterial stiffness and central aortic pressure.

Why BPLab?

1. High reliability - proved by serial production since 2000
2. Small size and light weight - the smallest and the lightest in its class
3. High precision - validated in accordance with ESH-2001 protocol in general group of patients and in pregnant women
4. Bifunctional monitoring opportunity (BP+ECG): easy-to-integrate in any Holter system (one software, single report)
5. Latex-free cuff (no allergy, no toxicity)
6. Patient's activity and position probe
7. Patient's comfort (quietness of operation, adaptive inflation, minimal measurement time)
8. Wide application for various groups of patients
9. 24-hour arterial stiffness and central aortic pressure analysis
10. Storage of oscillograms: 
- BPLab gives the opportunity to verify measurement results and detect artifacts 
- Allows the use of Vasotens technology

Technical Specifications:

BPLab Standard size105 x 85 x 33 mm
BPLab Standard net weight180 g
BP measuring method:oscillometric
Clinical testsHigh accuracy confirmed with the ESH 2001 and BSH protocols;
arterial stiffness and central aortic pressure parameters successfully validated with the use of SphygmoCor and Fukuda devices.
Power source:2 x 1,5V NiMH 2700 mAh accumulators (AA) or 2 x 1,5V alkaline batteries (AA)
Types of connectionUSB, Infrared/Bluetooth

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